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Marsh Pegs History

Fred Marsh worked for over forty years in arenas at every level of operation from ice-making and maintenance to management.  This experience led to the development of many innovations in arena equipment, three of which, including the Marsh Pegs, have been patented.


In 1984, the District of Kitimat was looking for a safer goal anchoring system to replace the metal posts.  Fred had been concerned about the problem of player safety for some time, particularly after seeing players, such as Bill Clement, Metro Prystai, and Serge Savard, have their careers shortened due to collisions with rigid metal goal frames.


 After looking at what was available and not being satisfied with anything on the market at the time, Fred began working on a better system.  Thus he developed the Marsh Flexible Goal Peg, a deceptively simple but amazingly effective system.  The design and material of the Marsh Pegs give them a flexibility that allows the net to move when jostled but remain on the pegs during regular play.  The pegs will bend when the net is bumped, then return to their original position.  Upon strong impact, such as a player crashing into the net, the net will pop off the pegs and prevent injury to the player.  The nets can be replaced in seconds.


Marsh Pegs have been used in the National Hockey League since 1991.   Fred, who had always dreamed of being in the NHL, finally made it with the Marsh Pegs at fifty-six, he joked that he was the oldest rookie in the NHL. 

At the present time, most professional hockey leagues in North America recommend Marsh Pegs as the goal anchoring system to be used.  In addition, the International Ice Hockey Federation also recommends the Marsh Pegs and they are used in several European countries.  The Pegs are used in World Cup games and have been in the Winter Olympics since 1998.  Most new arena construction specifies that inserts for Marsh Pegs be installed.

TV Interview:  Click on the image below to view a 2012 interview with Fred Marsh by Kirk Fraser of Kamloops Shaw Television.


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