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Marsh Pegs

Product Information

             Marsh Flexible Pegs


             1 7/8                             1 5/8"                        1 3/8                           13/16

                  47.6 mm                         41.3 mm                     34.9 mm                     20.6 mm       

(Measurements for the Pegs are Outside Diameter)


Marsh Pegs Inserts

    2                   1 5/8                     1

50.8 mm             41.3 mm            25.4 mm

(Measurements for the inserts are Inside Diameter)


The original Marsh Pegs were 1 5/8 (41.3 mm), but many arenas did not have room between the cooling lines for the 2 (50.8 mm) inserts required.  Therefore, Fred designed two sizes of stepped pegs to fit into smaller inserts in the ice: 1 3/8 (34.9 mm) and 13/16 (20.6 mm)   These sizes can be used for midget level hockey and above.  (Marsh Pegs should not be used below midget level.)

At the end of the 2001- 2002 season, the National Hockey League requested a longer and thicker peg, so for the 2002-2003 season Fred supplied a new 1 7/8 (47.6 mm) peg.   This 1 7/8 Marsh Peg is stronger than the other sizes and is exclusively for the National Hockey League.

Fred also developed another 1 7/8 stepped Marsh Peg that has the same flexibility as the 1 5/8 (41.3 mm)  peg.  With this peg, 1 7/8 (47.6 mm) goes into the net and 1 5/8 (41.3 mm) into the 2 (50.8 mm) floor insert.   This Marsh Peg (1 7/8") is designed to be used for adult professional hockey including junior leagues.

Most arenas in Europe have less space between the cooling lines than North American arenas so they use the smallest 1" (25.4 mm) inserts and the most flexible 13/16" (20.6 mm) Marsh Pegs.

To order Marsh Pegs, write, phone, email or fax us.   

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Marsh Pegs are made in Canada.   All pegs are extensively tested before shipping.




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